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Joi, 2017-03-23
Acasă » 2010 » Iunie » 8 » For lung (Fire of Conscience) (2010)
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For lung (Fire of Conscience) (2010)
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For lung (Fire of Conscience) (2010)

Land Of The DeadDante Lam is fast cementing his position in the Hong Kong film industry as one of the go-to directors for an action cop-thriller, with his
previous films Sniper and Beast Stalker, in collaboration with writer Ng Wai Lun doing just that, not to the penchant of tackling characters with plenty of emotional baggage straddling in between the grey moral areas, allowing the actors portraying them to be noticed for their dramatic chops.The film opens with plenty of money shots for its opening montage, the
first being a special effects laden time lapse shot of Leon Lai's Sergeant Manfred slowly growing older and looking more haggard, no thanks to his donning yet another unkempt bearded look. Then there's a Watchmen opening credits inspired series of black and white stills that freeze frames some really insane action moments which tell a little bit
about the back-stories that we're soon going to get entrenched in as the narrative moves forward, thus while they don't make much sense now,
they will get explained in due course, just to keep your suspense piqued.As mentioned, characters with deep emotional baggage are probably going
to be a staple in Dante Lam's films, and Sergeant Manfred is on the verge of throwing away his 27 years of veteran service by employing an unorthodox, hair shaving quirk after apprehending any pickpocket on the streets, bringing them to an eyewitness to his wife's murder. This of course leads to complaints about his heavy-handedness, and
investigations by internal affairs of a needless, violent cop on the force, but it doesn't faze him as he goes on a determined search of his wife's killer.

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