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Vineri, 2017-03-31
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Countdown to Zero (2010)
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Countdown to Zero (2010)

Multiple Sarcasms

During the Cold War, nothing loomed as large in the public mind as
the bomb. When the Soviet Empire collapsed, the bomb became a symbol of
another era. Naively we felt the danger had passed. In recent years, the
threat of nuclear proliferation has grown more urgent, and the
political will to eliminate nuclear weapons is greater than ever in our
history. We have now entered a second nuclear age. Nuclear weapons have
proliferated to nine nations, and that number could continue to grow, as
over 40 nations have the technical capacity to construct nuclear
weapons. Terrorists are actively seeking nuclear weapons and fissile
material, not to use as political leverage, but rather as tools of mass
destruction. Equally as great a threat is human error; the possibility
of an accident increases every day.

Calitate Film : DVDRip

Calitate Film : DVDRip

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