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Sâmbătă, 2017-03-25
Acasă » 2010 » Decembrie » 21 » Among Dead Men
11:55 PM
Among Dead Men
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Among Dead Men

Banlieue 13 <br /> Ultimatum

Life on the wild side sometimes has its own way in regulating or
instigating consciousness awakening on its most devoted disciple. Bobby
Delgado, undefeated MMA World Champion (of an elusive and clandestine
underworld tournament of Mixed Martial Arts) is incarcerated for eight
years after accidentally killing his opponent. During this period of
purgatory, Bobby experiences a paranormal ‘life changing’ event that
will dictate his future path to redemption. Infuriated by the financial
loss and the death of his master fighter, Jarvis Sweet swears vengeance
on Delgado and finds himself a new hitter in the form of Wade Bull, a
vicious ex underworld enforcer with killing skills few men can match.
Sweet and Mafia boss kingpin Sal Civelo, formulate a ruthless and
provocative campaign aimed at putting Delgado back into the pit. As
pressure builds and danger closes in, Bobby has to concoct a subtle mind
game to confront his nemesis in an environment that he can control.
What follows is a brutal and bloody confrontation for survival. There
will be no rules and no mercy in this new game of death and all scores
will be settled in ‘Among Dead Men’.

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