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Miercuri, 2017-03-01
Acasă » 2010 » Iunie » 4 » Aan: Men at Work (2004) Hindi Indian
7:22 AM
Aan: Men at Work (2004) Hindi Indian
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Aan: Men at Work (2004) Hindi Indian

Land Of The DeadTitlul Original: Aan: Men at Work (2004) Hindi Indian
Anul: 2004

Descriere: Crime is at its highest peak in Mumbai with it split in three ways.
Walia has one-third, Manik Rao has one-third and Roshni has a third of
the Mumbai territory. The crime rate rises with more smuggling, trading
and illegal activities soaring. Meanwhile, the CBI work constantly to
stop this. Inspector Vikram is a failure of a police in life and tends
to stick with the easy way. Appa is an encounter specialist who goes
after the henchmen instead of the bosses, he has a wife Janki with whom
they have a son. Const. Khaled is a happy-go-lucky cop. The three mens
and the whole CBI's fate changes with the arrival of their new boss. DCP
Hari arrives and realizes that the CBI are not serious and that the
rules, regulations, and the very reason for joining the police force,
have been thrown to the wind. With his girlfriend Kiran whom he'd
promise he would marry on his mind, he does not first like the promotion
to the CBI, but later accepts it. He soon watches the cruelty of the
police (esp. Appa) to the henchmen and orders them to be released. But
during an encounter the henchmen kill Khaled, this awakens the fire
trapped within Vikram. He decides to join Hari and help him clear the
city starting with Yusuf Pathan. Appa soon joins them and soon headaches
arises for Walia and his gang. During the climax Appa dies in a
dramatic trap. Vikram and Hari get Walia, Manik and Roshni arrested for
their crimes and then Mumbai is clean once again.

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1 nusaene • 3:44 PM, 2010-06-15
multumesc mult ca tineti cont de cereri
sunteti super tari
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