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Vineri, 2017-03-24
Acasă » 2011 » Iulie » 6 » 2012: Ice Age (2011)
11:12 PM
2012: Ice Age (2011)
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2012: Ice Age (2011)

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When all volcanoes erupted in the North Pole(or S. Pole, or
wherever), when all the glaciers were melted down, the temperature of
the Earth should have become so hot, the global warming was not a
prediction but a doomed fact coming at supersonic speed, yet this
pathetic movie did the opposite: Ice Age is coming! The fat meaty faced
scientist/father with the stupid look kept radio callings from his car
to an Indian scientist at the epic center with such a lame and
unconvincing dialog and the poorest disastrous graphics, and then an
airport police woman with the poorest acting talent approached the
stupid scientist/father with such a lame and stupid dialog and acting,
the movie had right away become so obvious a lousy and stupid Sci-Fi
movie and doomed to be one of the worst in movie history. Then the movie
continued to deteriorate and rotten in high speed when the Air Force
was ordered to fire missiles to the advancing glaciers and caused
monstrous ice rocks erupted into the sky, knocking out the fighter jets,
raining down into the cities.

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